Magazine Loader Hall of Fame

​Randy Lee of Alabama did a great job on his loader! He was also kind enough to send me videos of it in operation. Nice job Randy!

Jody K. of Louisiana did a wonderful job on his loader! Jody also does amazing scroll work and fret work. He was kind enough to send my wife and I a gift that was our names cut into a beautiful piece of Padauk wood. Incredible wood! I think I may have him do some scroll/fret work for me and if anyone else is interested I can pass along his contact info.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted me about how much they have enjoyed making their own magazine loaders. I built the first one of these for myself many years ago. I decided to share the design with everyone. It has had the result I hoped for. Family spending time together building stuff. I was impressed by the number of women that have built them as well, bravo. Here are a few of the finished loaders that you have made and sent pictures of. Great Job Everyone! ~Larry

Thanks again Larry for all your help and guidance, I couldn't have done it without you. David R. of La Porte, Texas.

David's are made for the AK-47 magazines, Nice job!

Steve N. of Utah did a great modification to the loader design. Here are a few pictures of his answer to using different types of magazines with interchangeable magazine wells. He built some using different types of wood. Great idea Steve.

Wally G. in Gurnee Il. Thanks again, a nice weekend project.

                                        Great job Wally!

I just wanted to drop a pic and a line and say thanks for the video on youtube. As you can see by the picture, I used your video and design to make my loader. Made a few variations to your design. Thanks for the video and great detail in the vid.
Bryan of Lindside, WV

Great variation Bryan!!!

Hello Larry, Thought I'd send a  Photo of 2 of your speed loaders I've built. Wood used is Walnut, Cherry, and Oak. The Inlay is Turquoise. The medallions and flag are from Treeline. Thanks for sharing your design, it works very well.

Norm B.

Amazing workmanship Norm!